Pending Legislation and Regulation

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HI Pending Legislation SB 1348

This bill establishes a stroke system of care in the State by recognizing three levels of care (Level I, II and II).  It defines a “Stroke Support Facility Level II” as:  “a hospital or health care facility that provides timely access to stroke care but that does not meet all the criteria specified for a comprehensive stroke center or a primary stroke center. Stroke support facilities provide timely access to acute stroke care that would not otherwise be available such as in rural areas where transportation and access are limited and utilize stroke care methods commonly known as ‘drip and ship’ or telemedicine approaches.”

HI Pending Legislation SB 2469

This bill would require reimbursement for services provided through telehealth to be equivalent to reimbursement for the same services provided via face to face contact between a health care provider and a patient.  The bill also adds to the definition of a “health care provider”, defines telehealth and replaces the word “telemedicine” with “telehealth” in Hawaii law.

HI Pending Legislation SB 2604

This bill creates a five year pilot program for the treatment of traumatic brain injury or post traumatic stress disorder for residents.  

HI Pending Legislation SB 489

This bill would stipulate that funds in the trauma system special fund be used by the department to support the continuing development and operation of a comprehensive state trauma system; provided that surcharges collected shall be used to support (among other things) telemedicine networks in all communities to ensure access to specialty care.

HI Pending Legislation SCR 14

 This resolution would request the Department of Health to establish a task force to study the potential benefits of teledentistry for the vulnerable and underserved populations, such as access to dental care and cost efficiencies, and to identify the barriers to the practice of teledentistry in Hawaii.


IA Pending Legislation HF 2160

This bill, among other things, would require coverage of services delivered through telemedicine.

IA Pending Legislation HF 2175

This bill would prohibit the termination of a pregnancy by telecommunications technology.

IA Pending Legislation HF 2307

This bill relates to a hospital's participation in the state's perinatal program; requires participation to include prearranged consultative agreements between hospitals; allows the consultative agreements to include direct care or utilization of telemedicine or telephone consultation for a hospital to qualify for a higher level of participation and a higher rate of reimbursement under the medical assistance program.

IA Pending Legislation SF 2156

This bill would allow the board of pharmacy to issue a telepharmacy license, based on special conditions.

IA Pending Legislation SF 2238

This bill creates the Health Enterprise Zones, the purpose of which is to encourage public and private partners on the state and local level to collaborate in targeting resources to reduce health disparities, address social determinants of health, improve individual health outcomes and population health, and reduce health care costs throughout the state.  Among other things, incentives available to health enterprise zones would include grants to support the infrastructure and positions to provide mental health services, telemedicine, care coordination, electronic health records, and data collection and analysis.