Pending Legislation and Regulation

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MA Legislation: HB 267 - Expanding Access to Telemedicine Services

Bill Number: HB 267


MD Legislation: HB 1026 - Telemental Health Services

Requiring that regulations adopted by the Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene under a specified provision of law allow psychiatric nurse practitioners to provide and receive reimbursement from State and federal funds for telemental health services.

MD Rule: Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems - Perinatal and Neonatal Referral Center Standards

Title: Perinatal and Neonatal Referral Center Standards


ME Legislation: HB 652 - Recommendations of the Commission on Independent Living and Disability

Bill Number: HP 652

ME Legislation: HP 443 - Increase Access to Health Care

This bill would allow a physician not licensed in Maine to practice medicine through interstate telemedicine, as long as they followed specific registration procedures outlined in the bill.

ME Legislation: LD 714 - Telemedicine Study

This bill would require the Department of Health and Human Services to study the feasibility of, need for and cost of providing telemedicine medical assistance for residents and visitors on all the year-round inhabited islands in the State and to report to the Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services no later than January 15, 2016.


MN Legislation: HB 1535 - Children and Family Service Policy

This bill would define “Direct service time”, for purposes of children’s therapeutic services and supports, to include time that a mental health professional, clinical trainee, mental health practitioner, or mental health behavioral aide spends with a client or client’s family as a covered telemedicine service, among other things.

MN Legislation: HB 321 - Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

This bill would adopt the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact developed by the Federation of State Medical Boards.

MN Legislation: HF 1243 - Community Virtualization

This bill would require the commissioner to take certain steps regarding community vitualization which means the application of telecommunication technologies to more cost effectively deliver and expand access to services with communities. 

MN Legislation: HF 1246 - Telemedicine for health carriers

This bill would provide for telemedicine coverage and parity between telemedicine and in person services.  It would also require coverage of telemedicine through the medical assistance plan.