Pending Legislation and Regulation

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MO Legislation: SB 301 - Public assistance and MO HealthNet

This bill would require the Department of Social Services to promulgate rules to set requirements for the use of: (1) out of state health care providers enrolled as MO Healthnet providers to use MO Healthnet Telehealth services in collaboration with a licensed Missouri health care provider in order to address provider shortage in a geographic area; and (2) specialists, including hospitalists, to monitor patients through telehealth services in small and rural or community hospitals.

MO Rule: State Board of Nursing - Collaborative Practice

This rule defines collaborative practice arrangement terms and delimits geographic areas; methods of treatment; review of services; and drug/device dispensing or distribution pursuant to prescription and implements the Utilization of Telehealth by Nurses as required by section 335.175 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.


MS Legislation: HB 114 - Rural Hospital Transition and Improvement Grant Program

This bill would establish the Mississippi Rural Hospital Transition and Improvement Grant Program. Under the grant, moneys can be used for (among other things) establishing a telemedicine system.


MT Legislation: HB 103 - Related to insurance and securities laws

This bill would make an exception in Montana’s law requiring coverage of telemedicine for “specified diseases”.  Under the proposed language, the private payer language in the law would not apply to specified diseases.

MT Legislation: HB 429 - Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

This bill would adopt the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact developed by the Federation of State Medical Boards. 

MT Legislation: HB 587 - Abortion Services

This bill would require that certain medical practitioners be physically present when performing or providing certain abortion services to a pregnant woman; and providing for a penalty.  The bill clarifies that being physically present, does include the use of telehealth services.

MT Legislation: SB 77 - Licensure- Healthcare Professions

This bill would repeal specialized telemedicine and temporary physician licenses and provide the board with rulemaking authority for telemedicine guidelines and short-term licenses.

North Carolina

NC Rule: Commission of Public Health - Newborn Health Screening for Heart Defects

The regulation establishes certain screening requirements for medical facilities and attending providers of a neonate or infant, including the implementation of a written plan for evaluation and follow up of critical congenital heart defect screenings.  In that plan, options for neonatal or infant echocardiograms must be included on-site, through telemedicine or by transfer or referral.

North Dakota

ND Legislation: HB 1038 - Insurance reimbursement parity for telemedicine services

Provides the Public Employees Retirement System uniform group insurance must provide medical benefits coverage under a policy that provides coverage for health care services provided by a health care provider or health care facility by means of telemedicine which are the same as the policy coverage of in-person health care services provided by a health care provider or health care facility.

ND Legislation: HB 1323 - Stroke System

This bill relates to the creation and implementation of a stroke system.  It provides a definition for telemedicine.