Pending Legislation and Regulation

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Federal Legislation: S. 3218 - Reaching Underserved Rural Areas to Lead on Telehealth Act

This bill would remove the limitation on certain amounts for which large non-rural hospitals may be reimbursed under the Healthcare Connect Fund of the Federal Communications Commission, and for other purposes.

Federal Legislation: S. 863 - Appalachian Regional Development Amendment Act of 2015

This bill would allow the Appalachian Regional Commission to create the high-speed broadband deployment initiative to support projects to increase the use of telehealth technologies in the Appalachian region, among other things.


FL Rule: Division of Medical Quality Assurance - Telehealth Practitioner Survey Procedure

This rulemaking establishes the survey form that must be completed by certain health care practitioners at the time of license renewal regarding telehealth practice as required by recently enacted legislation.


KY Rule: Board of Nursing - Telehealth

This regulation would establish the requirements governing the use of telehealth for nurses.



LA Rule: Speech-Pathology and Audiology

Amends rules to make technical changes and clarifications, add definitions for telehealth/telepractice, remove hearing aid dispensing fee from renewal and initial applications, and add telehealth registration fees.


MA Legislation: HB 1810 - Behavioral Health

This bill would mandate coverage for telemedicine behavioral health services in circumstances when office visits are not practical.

MA Legislation: HB 267 - Telemedicine Services

This bill would expand access to telemedicine services by allowing certain clinicians to be credentialed and allowing for coverage of such services by all payers and the Medicaid program.

MA Legislation: HB 4442 - Telemedicine Services

Advances and expends access to telemedicine services.

MA Legislation: SB 529 - Telemedicine

Requires insurers to cover services delivered through telemedicine.

MA Legislation: SB 617 - Telemedicine Coverage

This bill would provide for coverage of telemedicine by private insurers in the state as well as by MassHealth (MA’s Medicaid program).